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Referring Top 7 Best Refrigerators in India 2019 could be a big Concern. A refrigerator keeps things cold and used to store food and drinks. it’s typically known as a fridge.

What refrigeration does, it slow down the activity of bacteria which all food contains so it takes longer for the bacteria to spoil the food. Cold temperatures facilitate food stay fresh longer.

Refrigerators should last about more then ten years, therefore now this becomes more important if you purchase the best fridge then you need to see all the main points.

Amazon India itself has 1000 types of refrigerators depending on size and brands available. however, does one select the most effective appropriate one for you?which is the best refrigerator in India-2019? what’s the best brand in the refrigerator in India -2019? during this choice, we are going to assist you.

Please see our recommendation for Top 7 Best Refrigerators in India 2019 below: –

Followings are the 7 best refrigerators in India 2019 from top best brand in refrigerator

1. LG Electronics

Brand –

LG Electronics is a leading brand, headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. It is a South Korean multinational electronics company. LG Electronics is a global innovator in technology and manufacturing with operations in 140 locations.

LG Electronics are in the business of TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and mobile devices.

The LG 260L (GL-I292RPZL) 4-Star Frost Free double door refrigerator is simple to use & easy to install. This product will match the expectations of each user. 

This refrigerator encompasses a nice feature of multi-airflow that ensures that each corner of the electric refrigerator is cooled with the proper quantity of contemporary air.

Along with this, the auto-defrost feature of this product reduces the formation of ice crystals on the food things.

It additionally encompasses a manual humidness controller that is within the vegetable box which helps cut back the moisture within the box and so extending the lifetime of fruits and vegetables.

This refrigerator features a door alarm that sounds once the door is open for a minute or a lot of and additionally has a child lock facility.


  1. Double Door Refrigerator
  2. Frost Free
  3. Capacity 260 Lt
  4. Energy Rating 4 Star
  5. Smart Invertor Technology
  6. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  7. Toughened Glass Shelf
  8. Shiny Steel Body
  9. No need of Extra Stabilizer. It is inbuilt.

LG GL-D201ASPX Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator is the most effective refrigerator in India attributable to its features. Besides this, it’s economical conjointly. 

it’s one door refrigerator and comes in a very fashionable style like from outside it’s a beautiful floral colour which boosts the sweetness of the kitchen.


  1. Single Door Refrigerator
  2. Direct Cooling
  3. Manual Defrosting
  4. Capacity 190 Lt
  5. Energy Rating 4 Star
  6. Smart Invertor Technology
  7. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  8. Toughened Glass Shelf
  9. No need of Extra Stabilizer . It is inbuilt.
  10. Anti Bacterial Gasket
  11. Fastest In Ice Making

2. Samsung

Brand –

Samsung is a South Korean multinational headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul.

The main business of Samsung company are semiconductors, consumer and industry electronics, appliances, digital media devices, memory chips, and integrated systems.

Samsung is recognized as an industry leader in technology globally. Samsung is a leading brand in consumer electronics in India.

It is one of the foremost energy-efficient refrigerators and saves electricity, running costs. Samsung refrigerator comes with advanced digital inverter technology so it makes precise cooling adjustments to stay your food fresh for longer.

It senses temperature changes and consequently adjusts the compressor speed, reducing energy wastage. This refrigerator consumes very little energy. 

Company Samsung assures the sturdiness of its energy-efficient digital inverter compressor.

There is no need for Stabilizer. It works very steadily and reliably and prevents electrical damage or shorting if there are any voltage fluctuations, If it will increase too much it automatically cuts the power.

It is designed with the fashionable Bar Chrome handle which supplies a contemporary look and conjointly permits you to open the refrigerator door very smoothly.

The most necessary feature is that it will run on the home inverter and even on solar power. It additionally has the provision of lock and key, if and when needed. It may well be to stop your children from concealed out delicious pudding behind your back.


  1. Direct Cooling
  2. Manual Defrosting
  3. Single Door Refrigerator
  4. Capacity 192 Lt, Suitable for families with 2-3 members 
  5. Energy Rating 3 Star
  6. Advanced Digital Inverter Technology
  7. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  8. Toughened Glass Shelf, Hold weight upto 150kg safely
  9. No need of Extra Stabilizer . It is inbuilt.
  10. Works on Home and Solar Inverter
  11. Grande Door Design
  12. Bar chrome handle
  13. Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity – 167 Liters
  14. Freezer Capacity – 25 Liters
  15. Installation Type – Free Standing.

3. Haier

Brand –

Haier is a multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong province, China.

Haier has 143330 sales outlets, 5 R&D Centers and more than 70,000 employees around the world. 

Nowadays Haier is the world-leading brand of major household appliances.

Haier 320L 3 star frost free double door refrigerator is the best refrigerator in India in 2019. It has one great feature, you need not bend every time to take out stuff from your refrigerator because it has a bottom freezer and helps reduce bending up to 90%.

This fridge is with 1 Hour Icing Technology that brings down freezer temperature to -5 degrees Celsius in 60 minutes. This Comes with 360-degree cooling technology that rotates the cold air thoroughly in the refrigerator. With 360-degree airflow, Technology makes precise cooling adjustments to keep your food fresh for longer

 With this Haier 320 L refrigerator, you will feel very much comfortable at your home.


  1. Capacity 320 Lt, Suitable for families with 3-4 members 
  2. Double Door Refrigerator
  3. Frost Free
  4. Auto defrost to stop ice-build up
  5. Energy Rating 3 Star
  6. One Hour Icing Technology
  7. 360 Degree Cooling System
  8. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  9. Toughened Glass Shelf
  10. No need of Extra Stabilizer.
  11. 2 Times Bigger Crisper.
  12. Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity – 234 Liters
  13. Freezer Capacity – 86 Liters
  14. Installation Type – Free Standing.

4. Whirlpool

Brand –

Whirlpool is one of the leading manufacturers and marketers of major home appliances in the country. Whirlpool India has its headquarter in Gurugram, Haryana. The company also provides services in the area of product development and procurement services to Whirlpool globally.

Whirlpool of India is a subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading major appliance manufacturer.

It is one of the 7 best refrigerators in India in 2019.

Whirlpool is the leading brand in India. The Model whirlpool Protton has three doors. The Great Advantages being 3 Doors refrigerator is

  1. This refrigerator provides up to 32L large storage space, So you can do more storage in it
  2. Being 3 separate doors, so there is no chance of mixing odor in it.
  3. Also, it has better cooling retention.      

This refrigerator is powered by the 6th sense active fresh technology, thus keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for a longer time. The cold airflow around the compartment retains the moisture and freshness of the food, fruits, and vegetables.


  1. Multi-Door Refrigerator
  2. Frost Free
  3. Auto defrost to stop ice-build up
  4. Capacity 240 Lt, Suitable for families with 3-4 members 
  5. Energy Effecient
  6. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  7. Toughened Glass Shelf
  8. Customized Cooling technology.
  9. Moisture retention technology.
  10. Zeolite Technology
  11. Installation Type – Free Standing.

5. Panasonic

Brand –

Panasonic has recently designated India as a regional hub to drive growth. Starting from India, the company wants to create knowhow to address consumers who are based out of India and then take the knowledge to emerge markets. Panasonic is aggressively and strategically investing in market research and product innovation.

Buy Panasonic 336 L Frost Free double door refrigerator and experience a lot of freshness. This refrigerator has a nice feature, ECONAVI & INVERTER Technology, By that refrigerator detects and analyzes conditions of use to take care of ideal cooling and avoid wasting energy. 

We store too many types of food contents in it and they need different temperatures and levels of wetness for optimum cooling. Panasonic refrigerator includes a surround cooling airflow system that uses an independent airflow for the refrigerator and deep-freeze compartment to chill them at the same time. Optimum temperature and humidness may be maintained in every compartment to stay food contemporary for long.

The Ag Clean Technology used Silver Air filters to deactivate molds and bacteria within the circulating air and reduces odor

In this refrigerator, there’s a 20% further storage space within the contemporary Safe wherever you can stuff your further favourite fruits, vegetable, etc.


  1. Double-Door Refrigerator
  2. Frost Free
  3. Capacity 336 Lt, Suitable for families with 3-4 members 
  4. Energy Rating 3 Star
  5. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  6. Toughened Glass Shelf
  7. Surround cooling airflow
  8. Ag Clean.
  9. Inverter Technology.
  10. Veg Jumbo Storage: 35 Lt.
  11. Humidity Control.
  12. Installation Type – Free Standing.

6. Godrej

Brand –

Established in 1897, the Godrej group has its roots in India’s Independence and Swadeshi movement. Today, Godrej gets pleasure from the patronage of 1.1 billion consumers globally across consumer goods, real estate, appliances, agriculture and lots of different businesses. With a revenue of over USD 4.1 billion, they’re growing quickly, and have exciting, formidable aspirations. or so 23% of the promoter holding within the Godrej group is held in trusts that invest in the environment, health and education

Edge pro refrigerator offers a lot of latest features. This is often an ideal mix of cooling and space.

Being an Inverter range, this is capable of running on the home inverter and saves energy.

It provides superior cooling as a result of intelligent inverter compressor.

It provides 2.5L aqua space to store large water bottles, jumbo-sized juices, etc. 

Godrej refrigerator comes with advanced technology thus it makes precise cooling adjustments to bringing about a 24 hours freshness


  1. Single-Door Refrigerator
  2. Manual Defrosting
  3. Capacity 210 Lt, Suitable for families with 2-3 members 
  4. Energy Rating 5 Star
  5. Warrantee – 1 year Comprehensive on Fridge and 10 year on compressor
  6. Toughened Glass Shelf
  7. Energy efficient
  8. Less noise
  9. Inverter Compressor.
  10. Runs on Home Inverter
  11. 24 Hours Freshness.
  12. Installation Type – Free Standing.

Here while ending our conversation and guide about 7 best refrigerators in India -2019, we finally would like to tell below criteria which everyone should follow while buying a good refrigerator

  • Look for the ENERGY STAR.
  • Purchase an Appropriately Sized Refrigerator according to your family size.
  • Consider the Features that are Most Important to You.
  • Recycle Your Old Refrigerator.
  • Take Advantage of Utility Rebates.

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